View Full Version : M4 feedramps for the semi-auto AR

04-16-2012, 2:06 PM
I already searched this topic and didn't find much so here goes:

Are the M4 feedramps worth consideration or are they just a new gimmick made popular by the market?

Several quality manufacturers sell semi-auto rifles and carbines without the M4 feedramp and several with the M4 feedramps.

So, it seems if it isn't broke why fix it? Maybe the M4 feedramps add perceived value and are what the buyer wants yet my present semi-auto carbine performs flawlessly with regular rifle upper and a barrel extension with rifle feedramps.

What would you do and why??

Agent Tikki
04-16-2012, 2:20 PM
They usually don't cost more. Intuitively they will help with feeding. If it helps just a little, and they costs the same without, I'd get them.

The opposing viewpoint is that if you plan on changing out your barrels in the future, you may run into problems getting the ramps on your extension to match with the receiver ramps. Or if you ever had to change a barrel out on the field a standard receiver will be able to except both the m4 type and standard barrel extension. While a M4 ramped receiver will only be able to accept a m4 ramped extension.

If you are shooting a precision type build with a SS barrel and anticipate shooting out your barrel, a non ramped receiver would be the best buy.

If you are planning on a practical shooting type rifle with lots of rapid firing and a chrome lined barrel, I would lean to a m4 ramped type.

04-16-2012, 2:22 PM
Provided both the barrel and reciever have them they drastically increase reliability. Nothing new about them.

You can have a receiver without them and barrel that does and be fine, it just doesn't do anything for you.

But if you have a receiver with them and a barrel without them and you will end up with a jam machine.

This is only an issue if you are selecting each part yourself and sourcing them seperately. Or if you are buying it from Bubba who thinks he knows more than he does and he put it together himself. If you are buying an assembled up from a reliable brand you will be fine.

04-16-2012, 3:05 PM
Chrome chamber, chrome lined barrel, M-4 feed ramps, etc. are all attempts through the years within the military at increasing the reliability of the military M-16 rifle in arduous combat conditions. The fact that military rifles are select fire (full auto) is harder on the feeding system is why there have been attempts to increase the reliability so the rifles won't jam in the humid jungles of southeast Asia or the gritty and sandy Middle East.

The nice part is the military features are passed on to civilian rifles, so having a chrome lined barrel, chamber and M-4 feed ramps makes your rifle that much more reliable. Do you need M-4 feed ramps? No, most likely your rifle is not a select fire weapon and you won't be needing M-4 feed ramps, but if you have it, nothing wrong with that.