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04-15-2012, 3:34 PM
So my first gun ever was a Marlin model 99C that I got for Christmas when I was 15.
Not saying how old I am now, but I have had it for 41 years, you can do the math!.
I shot it for years with no issues and then it bacame a jam o matic and I quit shooting it.
I drug it out of the safe a month ago abd cleaned the heck out of it and went shooting.
Still a jam o matic.
reading in this forum I found that it was probably the feed throat and there was a kit for it,
The 99C is a variant of the model 60.
I ordered the kit from Brownells and installed it.
I didn't have to dril new holes or cut anything off, but did have to ream the holes a bit.
I put it back together after the install and cutting down the feed spring which eas too long, but the action wouldn't move.
Looking at the old feed throat and the new I noticed the new one was much fatter at the top where the bolt slides over it.
I figured what the heck I, m commited now so I got out my dremel tool and ground and sanded down the thickness of the feed ramp.
Little at a time and refit, a little more and refit, I'm getting pretty good at taking it apart and putting back together.
Also have to figure in wasting a few hours hunting down the hammer spring and tower after it shot across the garage!
I finally got it to fit perfectly and slide works flawlessly.
I ran several rounds manually through it and it works slicker than snot.
Now I just need to go out and test shoot it,
I would love to get this thing running ahain.

04-15-2012, 4:32 PM
congrats, good luck shooting