View Full Version : Rossi RG 3030 SS Scope/Red Dot input

04-14-2012, 8:23 PM
I picked this up the other day based on how it felt in my hands and how it looked... Originally I thought that I would just use the iron sights thinking my max range would be +/- 100 yards.... I still think that but the sights aren't doing it for my old eyes..... There is a rail attached so I am thinking about optics... Either a red dot or it has been suggested a 4X scope.... This would be used for plinking basically... I have a Nikon scope and an Eotech I could swap out if I had another direction to go...

Any thoughts on this? .... I don't want to invest too much but I would need something that would stand up to the recoil.

sd joe
04-15-2012, 9:01 AM
1.5-5 is what I have on my 30-30.