View Full Version : WTS Genuine LBT1961A Coyote $185

04-14-2012, 2:09 PM

For sale is a genuine London Bridge Trading 1961A chest rig in Coyote.
The chest rig was pre owned but never used for training/practice/airsoft and includes the elastic tops for the side GP/NVG pouches as well as the removable holster.

The elastic slot under the right side GP pouch (left in picture) was opened up to allow it hold cylindrical items instead of small batteries. In no way has the integrity of the GP pouch, or chest rig in general been adversely affected.

I am located in the North Bay SF area but items in all cases will be shipped. Chances are I am closer to the local post office than to you.

The price is $185 shipped. Thank you for your time.