View Full Version : will we get the 10/22 takedown? any reviews?

04-13-2012, 11:05 AM
I just saw it on the ruger website. Does anybody know if we'll get it here in california? Is it any good?

Looks killer!

I searched the forum but didn't see any threads, I hope this hasn't been discussed. thanks!

Abra Philippines
04-13-2012, 11:07 AM
I saw it last weekend at Triple A Sporting Goods in Vallejo. It comes with a thick nylon case. It is built SOLID!

04-13-2012, 11:09 AM
Turners has been selling them for weeks. They have electronic billboard ads all over advertising them. I saw two driving in to work today.

Not for me, but I can see the niche that they are trying to help others fill.

04-13-2012, 11:09 AM
I saw one at turners norwalk. So they are available behind enemy lines. The mechanism locks up nicely.

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r8dr rider
04-13-2012, 11:11 AM
Are these center fires now?

04-13-2012, 11:24 AM
Got mine a few days ago. Get the CALGUNNER COUPON for it online HERE now!

04-13-2012, 11:46 AM
Held one at Bullseye San Rafael a couple weeks ago.

I wish they made it about 1LB lighter.

04-13-2012, 11:53 AM
There are multiple threads about these rifles in the ~rimfire~ section.

04-14-2012, 4:22 PM
Yeah, where have you been? They are the hottest selling .22 rifle right now. Just like the Ruger SR22 Pistol, they are hard to find in my area. Turners has them for $289.99 this weekend and I am sure they will be gone by Monday. I have one that I luckily found and paid more than they are now at Turner's. I have already did my changes to the bolt (made into the auto bolt) and did a trigger job to make it a little lighter (3# or so). Accurate with my Weaver 4 power scope at 60', but I still need to work out my accuracy at 75 yards. If you want to keep it a take down, scope options are minimal, unless you have big bucks. If your scope is too long, it will not fit back into the case. To make it work, I had to find a scope that was about 10" long. Not going to be too accurate at real long shots with a 4 power (at least with me shootin). I am better with a 3 to 9, but again those seem to be too long if you want it to fit in the tactical case.

Santa Cruz Armory
04-14-2012, 5:12 PM
We have one on the way. It will be here Monday. I wish our distributors had more, I'd take as many as they would sell.

04-14-2012, 8:15 PM
I saw the rifle at Turner's when they first got them. It is an impressive little rifle for sure. I'm a mechanical engineer by trade and I have to say that I'm impressed with the locking mechanism that Ruger developed for this application.

Insert the barrel into the receiver, twist it until the forearm lines up with the rest of the stock - and one audible "clack" later the rifle is GTG.
Disassembly works just as simple, with a locking tab in the bottom of the forearm that needs to be disengaged first.

The only thing I do not care is the backpack. The big red Ruger logo might as well have an equally large second line "hello everyone, I've got a GUN in here". That however, is an easy fix with a sewing kit and a patch or two of your choice :rolleyes:

04-14-2012, 8:45 PM
I'm fillin out DROS on two tomorrow been waiting 2 weeks!

04-16-2012, 2:09 PM
We received 8, and they all sold within 48 hours.

04-16-2012, 2:15 PM
Sacramento black rifle had one.... it went FAST.

04-16-2012, 2:33 PM
I picked mine up last Tuesday and shot it at the range this past Saturday. The thing groups amazingly and the barrel is very tight with no wiggle at all. If you can find one OP, I'd recommend getting one if you're into the 10/22 or looking for a B.O.B rifle.

04-16-2012, 3:55 PM
Pretty awesome! unfortunately its half again or double the price of the standard, but definitely something I'll think about... Now when will we get a takedown upper for AR15's? :43: