View Full Version : 1992 Kawasaki ZX600D

04-22-2007, 7:27 PM
Project bike, needs carb work. Bought it because it had nice plastic and good carbs that I used on a different bike. Valve adjustment has 12 miles on it. New battery and spark plugs. Plastic is pretty haggard but would make due for a summer beater to learn or stunt on. Salvage title, registered until March '08. Located in San Jose and I'll try and take some pictures soon.... $500 or trade for a Glock or another XD. Or maybe other guns, throw me some ideas. :D PM or email at Beltfed@sbcglobal.net

ETA also has a PitBull rear stand, an extra motor, 2 extra sets of carbs, and a bunch of extra small parts.

ETA#2: This is what it looked like before I took the carbs and plastic off for another bike. I have plastics for it, but they've got rash.

04-22-2007, 7:50 PM
PM sent

04-23-2007, 7:57 AM
does it have to be a Glock

maybe a Sig P239 9mm

MAYBE NOT, my wife likes the bike idea less than she likes the Sig

04-25-2007, 9:30 PM