View Full Version : Rock River stock question

04-11-2012, 9:03 PM
I am posting this question here because I emailed Rock River and have not heard back. Here it goes. I have been building an AR and ordered the upper from Rock River. They said it would be about 30-45 days for delivery so I took my time getting the parts I needed to finish the build (stock and buffer tubes). They ended up shipping the unit within two weeks leaving me with a rifle without a stock.

In order to expedite my build, I called Rock River and purchased a standard M4 carbine stock set. I also ordered the rubber butt pad to go with it just because I plan on using some heavier caliber uppers also and wanted to prepare. All of the rubber pads that I have seen for the M4 stocks have been slip on that fit over the stock. The pad they sent me was exactly the size of the rear pad with 3 screws. But there are no matching holes in the stock. Is this an incorrect pad that I was sent or should I drill into the stock to attach it.

I plan on replacing the stock eventually with a Roger's Super Stoc, so I do not want to drill the stock in case I want to sell it later unless I have too. Should I just send back the rubber pad and get a slip on one?

Thanks everyone for the help.

BTW, the build is an 80% lower, CMMG LPK, Magpul MOE-K grip, Rock River A4 flat top upper with a 16" Wylde barrel, Mid gas system, a4 style handguard, sight railed gas block, partial lower rail, GPS-02 Grip Pod, Magpul BUIS, and a cheapie scope for now which will be replaced with a Leupold Mark AR scope hopefully on a LaRue mount as soon as my budget allows. I will post pictures as soon as all the extras come in so I can put it together.