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04-22-2007, 10:53 AM
Hot Lead Type Once Headlined New York Times

The ghastly Blacksburg shootings have driven The New York Times into a deep editorial snit. In this trance-like state , the mantras of gun control drown out the paper's ancestral voices. Below the postmodern surface of the Ed Page lurk bloody memories of Civil War Draft Riots raging on its doorstep.

In 1864 , a gun toting mob sought to lynch the Editor of The Times. The reason was one some 21st century New York Democrats might approbate. Henry Jarvis Raymond served as Chairman of the Republican National Committee.

That Abe Lincoln was a bit of a Whig didn't much signify-- what made the mob howl for Raymond's blood was the rhetoric of his publishing rival Horace Greeley. The New Yorker editor smiled to see siege laid to the hated Times. But as armed thugs marched uptown, Raymond , who had seen battle with General McClellan in Virginia , prepared a stern Editorial reaction.

He deployed a Gatling Gun in The New York Times newsroom window and another in the paper's front entrance , "commanding Park Row to the north", and proceeded to put himself on the firing line. His obituary informs us " The Times appeared in full mourning" after he died of apoplexy in 1867.

How times have changed at The Times. To defend the First Amendment , Raymond did not hesitate to invoke the Second. His successors mostly plead the Fifth.

21st century Times: say what you want, not what is fair or accurate, then hide behind someone or something else!

04-22-2007, 11:16 AM
They should cover this history in Journalism school. :)