View Full Version : Experienced Retail Sales Manger Looking for Work

04-10-2012, 12:40 PM
Hey guys figured it wouldn't hurt to post in this forum. I was laid off about three weeks ago and have had no luck with finding a position out there so far. I can sell just about anything as long as get information about the product.

Gun wise I have built 5 ar-15s different styles most I have sold on these forums. I have also done work on many handguns trigger work, customizing, and duracoating. I have done several siaga conversions for myself and friends including installing the bullet guide to except ak-47 mags. I am also a very quick learner so I can pick up anything shown to me.

I am going to post a copy of my resume. If you can help a fellow calgunner out that would be great.

Thank you guys for looking

04-11-2012, 2:30 PM
Call Brian Joo (215) 260-7057, He is the Franchise support manager (FSM) for AAMCO transmissions. Send him your resume. The majority of what happens in the front office is sales. If you get in, you can contact me at the Capistrano Beach Center and let me know, Also an AR wouldnt hurt either..... Andrew