View Full Version : Show us your 10/22 Takedowns

04-09-2012, 9:40 PM
Picked mine up today. Took a boresnake to it to make sure there was no lube or gunk in the barrel. Attached a cheapo UTG 4x32 scope and took it to the indoor range.



You can see what it looks like with the Alangator Tri-Mag magazines attached. Love that Alangator, makes living in CA with it's bassackwards 'we're all felons waiting to happen' legal sensibilities almost tolerable.

First 10 shots at 7 yards just to see where my scope reticle was.

I'll show better pics once I'm fully sighted-in at 50yds at the outdoor range. CCI ammo did have several fail-to-feed but no problems with the Winchester Super X. I'll be trying out the CCI mini-mags next time.