View Full Version : Socom II...6 years and its finally here!

r8dr rider
04-09-2012, 8:17 PM
Just got home from a three hour wait at Turners. Buts it finally here....my baby the Socom II.

Here's a little back story on the 6 year wait: 6 years ago a buddy of mine had a Socom II he was willing to sell me for ....wait for it...$1300. It was barely used and at the time I was looking for a featureless rifle in a big caliber (I just built an evil black AR.) At the time I had the money but still thought it was alot for a gun. Especially since my other option was an Eotech and rifle. Well you guessed it I ended up getting an Eotech for the AR and a Saiga. 6 years and 13gunslater

04-09-2012, 8:20 PM
Wow. $1300 for a Socom II is a cool deal. Nice buy.

r8dr rider
04-09-2012, 8:21 PM
.....continued.....I took the plunge and got the Socom II.
Sorry for the mess I'm typing on my Andriod. I will post pics later, although your not missing out on anything its a stock Socom II.
Now I have to feed the beast.....she's gotta share food with the Remy 700 for now:)

r8dr rider
04-09-2012, 8:23 PM
Oh I wish $1300....that was the price back then. I had to get a new one. He sold it a few years back. I should've said 6 years and $600 bucks more later.

04-09-2012, 9:49 PM
Great rifle...enjoyment for years.

04-09-2012, 11:03 PM
Very nice. I'm struggling with deciding on that setup as well. M1A Loaded or Socom? I'll end up with both eventually, but which to buy first?....hmmm.....

It sucks that they are so expensive yet cool. I'd rather see AR's at that price and the M1A's going for $649. ;) Seriously, they can't be all that much to manufacture. Supply and demand, and they've got us all over a barrel on that account.


r8dr rider
04-10-2012, 7:32 AM
^ very overpriced. But I look at guns like I look at cars, you get what you pay for.

04-10-2012, 7:37 AM
no pic?

r8dr rider
04-10-2012, 7:51 AM
^coming soon

04-12-2012, 12:02 PM
What's the difference between your SOCOM II and the SOCOM 16? Have you handled the Scout?

04-12-2012, 12:31 PM
The "II" has the rail cluster upfront. The basic socom just has the scout rail on top of the hand guard.

OP - congrats on the SOCOM - very cool