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High Power Rifle Match April 28, 2012 - Camp Pendleton - Oceanside

Pre-register at www.smgunclub.org

High Power Rifle refers to a format of competitive rifle shooting, and not a rifle type.

Governed by NRA rules, High Power Rifle has four (4) different stages of fire:

1.Slow fire standing at 200 yards
2.Rapid fire sitting or kneeling at 200 yards
3.Rapid fire prone at 300 yards
4.Slow fire prone at 600 yards
This course of fire is also known as the National Match Course of Fire (or NMC).

The fact that there are three distances in which the course of fire is shot at, has resulted in the nickname “Across the Course” (or XTC) to be used when referring to High Power Rifle competitions.

Most NRA Across the Course matches have either 50 rounds (50NMC) or 80 rounds (80NMC) with sighters for a whole XTC match.

NRA rules govern two separate categories for High Power Rifle: Service Rifle and Match Rifle.

Service Rifle consists of three (3) different rifle types:
1.M1 Garand
2.M14 or civilian equivalent (i.e. Springfield Armory Inc. M1A)
3.M16 or civilian equivalent (i.e. AR-15)
Service rifles must be configured in an external configuration very much similar to US Military service rifle configurations. For example, to use an AR-15 in High Power in the Service Rifle category, it would have to have a 20″ barrel with a carry handle rear sight and a A2 front sight.

Any other rifle, including those that are disqualified as being Service Rifles due to minor characteristic differences, are considered Match Rifles.

Match Rifles are pretty much every other rifle aside from the three Service Rifles.

23's Dad
04-10-2012, 1:42 PM
Just fired off my pre-registration.

See you there!

04-10-2012, 5:26 PM
Just fired off my pre-registration.

See you there!

Look forward to it....are we squading up? I want to try to break 700 this time. I have called in calm winds...

04-10-2012, 8:03 PM
I posted something on here. What happened to it? :confused:

23's Dad
04-11-2012, 8:46 AM
Look forward to it....are we squading up? I want to try to break 700 this time. I have called in calm winds...

Let's squad up! I'd even settle for scaring 700 :).

04-11-2012, 11:54 AM
I've never shot a rifle match, would I be in over my head at this one? Shot a few pistol matches and done non-competitive rifle shooting out to 300 yds.

Also is it irons only for match rifle?

04-11-2012, 4:14 PM
I've never shot a rifle match, would I be in over my head at this one? Shot a few pistol matches and done non-competitive rifle shooting out to 300yds.

Also is it irons only for match rifle?

Irons only for either match or service. Match can use ghost ring sights, service must be essentially as issued.

You won't be way over your head if you've never shot a rifle match but you will want to do a few things first.
1. Watch Ocabj's videos on how to pull targets (http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL668F7FE5E77137D4) (you must do this or you will be yelled at) No one there is mean but you can't pull slow or you are hurting another shooter's score.
2. Go through the course of fire 80round aggregate, and make sure you know what is going to happen when. Then organize your ammo so that you don't have to count how many rounds you are shooting, use separate boxes if you must, but sort your ammo.
3. You will want to have general no wind zeros for each of 200yards, 300yards, and 600yards. It's rough going into one of these with no idea of what your zeros should be.
4. You will be there until 3pm at least. Bring plenty of water, sunscreen, a hat and food.

I know of more than a few people who go to NRA highpower competitions in order to get zeros for their rifle or just practice at those ranges and they don't keep score. If that's what you want then fine, if you want to keep score then make sure you have some idea of the zeros ahead of time. The first match I went to I shot 55gr POS ammo but basically wanted to make sure I knew how to pull targets before I went to a match that I wanted to shoot in. I recommend going to your first match as though you are going to the match to be a puller, focus on that and learning how a match works. Shoot just for fun.

What are you planning on shooting (rifle wise)?

04-11-2012, 7:25 PM
Might be more than I can commit to after watching the vids. I was going to shoot my 14.5" AR15 w/ 62grn M855 but I need practice with irons.

23's Dad
04-12-2012, 8:13 AM
Just come and try it out. Where else will you get a chance to practice at these distances, and have someone pull and mark your targets. It's a lot easier to get your zeros and practice at this type of event than you will ever get out in the desert alone.

If it will make you any more comfortable, here's my story from last month:

I was squadded with Milotrain and shot next to bubbapug1. I brought an M1 that I last fired 15 years ago. I had some zeros from 147gr rounds, but was bringing 168s. bubbapug1 helped me estimate some basic come-ups for the ranges and I had to adjust from there.

I also learned that my rear sights are adjusted in the OPPOSITE Direction of my smallbore rifle. This wasn't an issue in at the 200 yd OH, I wasn't slung up, and was able to make a couple of adjustments looking at the sights. My zero held up well in the 200 Rapids, so I was Okay. At 300 yds, I fired my first string, and wanted to make a sight adjustment. I'm starting to have trouble reading the sights when strapped to the rifle (I'm 44), so I cranked in my clicks and moved the group right off the target. One 6, one 5, and 8 misses later, I looked at my groups/scores and threw-up a little in the back of my throat.

Between the complete misses due to poor wind reading skills at the 600yd line, and putting a sight correction onto my rifle the wrong direction at the 300yd rapid, I didn't break 500. Oh yeah, I had Mr. Dennis DeMille standing behind me to my right as I fired an 11 on that second 300 rapid. It's like having Tiger Woods watch you play golf.:eek: You don't know what he's thinking, but you just know you look like an amateur!!!

Never the less, I'm heading back down to CamPen for the next one, because I had a BLAST!!!!

04-12-2012, 9:11 PM
Here is some is some miscellaneous Load info:

Burro 4/12/12 - 10 to 13.5 mph - 55 F

30-06 test Loads for Garands (slower powders) and greek chrony data

43.5 grains IMR 4895 - 168 Grain SMK - 2400 (fps), 2380, 2376, 2407, 2415

45.2 grains TAC - 168 Grain SMK - 2532 (fps), 2592, 2557, 2589, 2585

HXP (Greek CPM vintage) 2721, 2739, 2713, 2757, 2699, 2712, 2694

308 test Load for M1A (slower powder)

39.4 grains TAC 168 grain SMK M1A rifle 2414, 2336, 2452, 2414, 2429, 2407

The 168 grain SMK garand loads allowed for better groupings than the HXP, but all were shot off a bald eagle rest in windy conditions.

04-13-2012, 9:00 AM
I'd love to join, but I don't think I have enough time if it goes until 3pm, I'll have to see.

04-13-2012, 10:40 AM
If you can't commit until 3pm look for some reduce range matchs in the area. They are a great way to learn the course of fire and usually end by 11am or 12pm.

There are several up in the LA area:
http://larcpistolandrifleclub.com/ <-- First Saturday (100 yard reduced)
http://www.goldenbears.org/ <-- Third Sunday (100 yard reduced)
http://jplgc.org/ <-- Second Saturday - Odd Months (100 yard reduced)
http://www.gopherflats.org/ <-- Fourth Saturday (200 yard reduced)

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I don't know if I can make the April match. I'd love to go to the Palma match on May 5th but I'd need to do some serious .223 load dev. Or shoot the Garand like a BOSS.

04-17-2012, 4:40 PM
I have tons of Palma load data if your using 155 gr hpbt Palma matchkings. Let me know the powder. I'll give you 3 or 4 loads and related velocities.

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Shame they dont allow AR-10 "type " rifles as they are in service as well.

04-25-2012, 8:43 PM
Shame they dont allow AR-10 "type " rifles as they are in service as well.

I had to back and check, this was in the rule changes from a year or so ago

3.1(d) U.S. Rifle, Caliber 7.62 mm M-110 series - In all courses of fire and in all positions the standard 20 round
box magazine or a reduced capacity magazine of the same external dimensions will be attached. The
flash suppressor may be removed or the rifle may be manufactured without a flash suppressor. Barrel
length may not exceed 20 inches, as measured to the end of the rifling in the barrel. The front sling swivel
must be attached to the end of the handguard, and must remain in the 6 o’clock position no more than 1/2
inche from its original location. The sights must be of the standard design found on the M-16 series of
firearms. Rear sight windage and elevation adjustments may be modified to allow finer adjustments.
Plastic covers may be used on the mounting rails on the handguard.

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btt - last day to pre-register