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04-08-2012, 11:07 PM
I've been thinking i want to build an AR platform pistol what i want to know is it legal to use a 10/22 rifle upper on a pistol lower or will it be impossible to combine the 2 platforms. Also what is the maximum length allowed for a pistol AR ive searched google but dont get what im looking for maybe im just miss typing the search.

04-09-2012, 12:56 AM
10-22s dont have an "upper" so not they are not compatible. Not without some MAJOR MAJOR smithing, at which point you could probably just build a gun from scratch for less trouble.

What you could do is either 1) purchase a dedicated upper group made for .22lr or 2) use a standard 556/223 upper and purchase a .22lr conversion bolt.
Option 2 is cheaper, but probably not as accurate or reliable as option 1.

What follows is assuming you have a fundamental understanding of both CA and FED law
(if not, please click on the links above the forum page for the flowcharts)

There really is no maximum length per se, it could potentially change the classification of the firearm.
you hypothetically could have a 16+in barrel, mechanically the basic ca law still applies (mag lock etc etc) could get fishy if you want go back to a less than 16in barrel though. Hypothetically a 16plus in barrel without a buttstock in Ca should not trigger AW status, but it is not recommended you be the test case.

If you are talking about the over all length of the pistol itself, as far as Ca law goes, wont really matter, it needs to comply with the AW laws either way. Make it as long as you want, but as some point you have to ask if you should have just purchased a rifle in the first place.

The only side note I can add to that is IF your over all length is GREATER than 26in, you can legally add vertical foregrip without triggering fed NFA status (AOW)

and.... Welcome to Calguns !

04-09-2012, 12:56 PM
Im sorry for the the confusion of my question MrPlink what it was asking was can I run a 16+ in 22lr upper on a purpose built ar pistol without any legal issues. From my understanding of the flowchart is it would fall under the short barrel classification even though the base firearm will be a pistol based AR.

This is were my confusion lies and needs clarification from someone who has more experince with actually building.