View Full Version : Commission Only Opportunity - Solar

04-07-2012, 3:58 PM
I am looking for people who own their home, pay PG&E too much for electricity, and would be interested in a solar solution with no out of pocket expense. You provide me these people's name and phone number, and if they go solar with our company we pay you $500 on the date of installation.

Shops / Businesses
Put up a small solar display, gather names and numbers. If the people go solar your business earns $500. Absolutely no cost to you.

Our company is the number one solar installer in California and I have the stats to prove it. We give people control over their PG&E rates - most of the time with no money out of pocket. In fact people end up saving money - thousands - over the life of our agreement. We can show it - in writing.

This can be a job - at $500 per installation you can make a living helping me find people to go solar - especially when they don't have to put any money into the deal. Its not for everyone - not everyone qualifies - but finding out is FREE.