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04-20-2007, 9:04 PM
Hi, I did a search to look for the proper height rings but could not find anything. I purchased a Super Sniper 10x42 30mm for my remington 700, and was wondering what height rings would be right, low, med, or high? Also what is a good quality base, one piece or two. Sorry I have so many questions.

Thanks, jkgts1

04-21-2007, 8:13 AM
Ring height depends on how big the lens of your scope is and how you fit the stock, with the 42mm lens and the straighter stock that Remington has I would just get medium rings. Unfortunately the only way to be absolutely sure is to mount everything up and see how it fits you.

One piece and two piece bases depend a bit on your application. One piece bases are usually heavier and mor rigid. Two piece bases make for lighter guns.

For the tacticool or precision rifles most people go with the one piece notched (weaver style) bases. I like Farrel but Badgers are very good ($) but really any name brand base is fine, as it's just a notched piece of metal, not rocket science.

04-21-2007, 10:01 AM
awsome thanks.

04-21-2007, 10:10 AM
Also Keep in mind the closer the Scope is to the barrel the less Parallax you will have.


Whenever rifle scopes are discussed, a topic that frequently arises is parallax. There seems to be a great amount of misunderstanding and confusion concerning this subject. Parallax can be defined appropriately to rifle scopes as the apparent movement of objects within the field of view in relation to the reticle.
In a telescopic sight, parallax occurs when the “primary image” of the object is formed either in front of, or behind the reticle. If the eye is moved from the optical axis of the scope, this also creates parallax.

If the primary image is formed on the same focal plane as the reticle, or if the eye is positioned in the optical axis of the scope, then there is no parallax, regardless of the position of the primary image.

High magnification scopes, or scopes for long-range shooting, where even slight sighting errors would be serious, should be equipped with a parallax adjustment. This adjustment of the objective part of the optical system would ensure that the target can be brought in the exact focal plane of the reticle at any distance. Tactical style scopes are not usually supplied with parallax adjustment because the exact range of the target can never be anticipated. Scopes of lower magnification are not usually supplied with parallax adjustment either, because at lower powers the amount of parallax is so small as to have no importance for practical, fast target acquisition.

04-21-2007, 2:08 PM
I have a Remmy LTR700 and a Super Sniper setup.

I used a ken ferrill mount and TPS low rings and it sits pretty high, Im going to ditch the ferrill mount and buy another setup if you are looking for a base. I think it sits 1.0 inch above the receiver.

04-23-2007, 1:23 PM
Ken Farrell bases are higher than most bases. That's why you can use low rings on even some 50mm objectives with a KF base.

04-23-2007, 1:53 PM
I have a 700P with a 10X Super Sniper on it. I use the IOR Heavy Duty Tactical one piece base and medium height rings. The set up is solid and works great. The only thing I would do differently if I had to do it again is to use the low rings.

04-23-2007, 3:39 PM
I just posted some pics of various ring and base setups in this thread:

Also, note that ring height is different for different manufacturers - that is, company A's medium ring may be a different height than company B's.

04-23-2007, 7:38 PM

Leupold Mark 4 30mm Steel Matte Black Scope Rings:
- These Would be perfect with a Super Sniper 30mm Scope w/ 42mm Obj.
- Ring Height is .840

Here you go:

Have a good one,

- One Manuf. Labeling/Description of LOW maybe anothers Med/High, & Med. may be Equal to Low/Std. Just FYI.