View Full Version : FDE Glocks, getting any?

04-06-2012, 1:11 PM

I know in the past Turner's has gotten small quantitys of hard to get/close out guns, (OD Glock 37, Glock 17 RTF, etc)

I believe they are sold out at the distributor level. Any chance you guys purchased any? I think the only ones available to us here in PRK are the Gen 3 17/19, 22/23.

04-06-2012, 3:13 PM
I do like my Glocks, but at this point am not inclined to pay a premium for different colors. If I saw one for sale at a price comparable to the regular black ones, I'd buy it; but otherwise no.

04-06-2012, 3:55 PM
Unless Turner's delves into SSE, the FDE versions find themselves on the roster or you're LE, I find it unlikely that Turners would sell them.