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04-20-2007, 1:30 PM
I posted this as part of another thread, but I think this is important enough to stand alone. We spend a lot of time and effort discussing among ourselves how wise or foolish certain positions are. In the bigger picture, we're pretty much preaching to the choir. What we need to do is to take these opinions, web links, references, experiences, etc. to the consciousness of our elected officials.

State a specific cause, provide a concise comment or opinion, provide a backup reference, and send it off to your legislators. An example is regarding CA's "shall issue" vs. "must issue" CCW permits. Tell them how you feel (politely) and provide the legislator with a supporting (and preferably unbiased) web link. I added the FullDisclosure.net video interview with the sheriffs of OC and LA debating the topic. Go to the actual linked page, copy THAT URL and paste that into your email message. Make it a no-brainer that your message and links all work and are easy to access. They will not work to decipher your message so you need to make it idiot-proof before sending it.

Remember that the elected ones will pay attention to those who live and vote in their districts.

To find out who your representatives are, use this site. Just enter your 9-digit zip code:

(try to keep long URLs in a single line if formatting allows, otherwise mention to copy and paste the whole URL)

I suggest that you keep your email short and concise. The email form they use is size-limited. Before you hit the SEND button, copy your email message to your clipboard in case there's a problem. Don't want to lose all that wisdom because of an email glitch.