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04-19-2007, 11:48 PM
I don't really watch MSNBC/CNN/FOX News/etc. because I believe it is mostly national gossip. It just seems like every time I turn it on there's a story about some pretty white blond girl missing or dead. When I do want to look at world events I turn on BBC news.

That being said I don't know much about the murders in Virginia, I basically know some Asian guy was insane, was able to purchase two hand guns legally, shot a bunch of people. To be completely honest, I do not care that much. Many people die every day because of violence, just because this happened in the US and to young college kids that we can relate to doesn't make them any more important then a Rwandan being murdered (FYI I "adopted" one of those kids in a 3rd world country). It is shocking and sad, but I have not devoted much attention to learning about the incident - morally I feel like every time the murders face and diaries are shown on TV, he wins.

I own only 2 firearms, AK-47 and UZI both in legal configuration. I am also 20 years old. I went over a family friends house tonight and they were glued to the TV - they start telling me how I should watch out and I will be singled out for my possession of firearms. They then said to me, "This guy only had 2 hand guns - you have an AK-47 and an UZI!" I then explained to them that if a student or a teacher at VT was armed he/she could of saved many lives. They all agreed.

It is really amazing how the media can control people so much. 13 year olds dressing like Paris Hilton, etc.

I think the gun community really has to do something about it's PR image. I remember when the gay community was looked down upon and considered disgusting. I knew a man a long time ago who died of AIDS, he told everyone he had cancer because the stigma was so bad.

Gays now have a pretty good PR image, they are fashionable, dress well instead of flamboyantly, etc. Hell our girlfriends/wives most likely have gay hair dressers. I know a male friend who goes to a gay "stylus" (I still prefer a barber of course).

When ever I tell people I am into guns they ask if I am a member of the NRA, I am not so I reply "no". All the PR the gun owners of America get is every time there is a shooting - they look at us. People automatically think of gang members, murders, rednecks, etc.

Shooting is great because it is something everyone can get into. Does not matter if you are rich or poor, young or old. You can still line up the sights and try to hit the bull's eye. When ever someone meets me they are shocked I own "evil guns". I am a young white guy from a nice neighborhood and a nice family. When people ask me why I own them, I tell them because the guns I own I consider to be pieces of art and a marvel of engineering plus there fun to shoot, at paper targets of course.

Once again, the image we have now:

The image we should be going for:

Did the bow and arrow ever get this criticism? That was one of the most deadliest weapons for around 500 years or so? Yet people looked at it as a not only a weapon, but a sport, or for hunting purposes. I remember a scene from the movie Braveheart where the young gay prince is shooting arrows into a non-human shaped target and everyone claps.

Bottom line is we all sit here and talk about how the media is spewing out all this BS about, "high powered Glock", "assault rifle", etc. Yet we do nothing to better the image. We are preaching to the choir. Let's not portray our selves as "gun owners", instead let's portray our selves as average citizens who happen to own guns and use them in a sporting fashion.

Telling someone that you have a wide variety of bows and arrows is not a big deal. Telling someone that you have a wide variety of firearms will definitely bring up other feelings. Let's try to make them more similar. The only way thing's are every going to change is if we change our image or if another weapon comes out that replaces a firearms as the most lethal small arm one can possess.

04-20-2007, 5:38 AM
I take offence to your post as it is a logical well thought out post that makes me think just a bit. Please stop making logical posts and return to the quick flashy news bits so i can stay glued to the TV waiting for more must see TV.