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04-19-2007, 12:37 PM
My apologies if this has already been posted...but I couldn't seem to find it anywhere.


04-19-2007, 1:01 PM
I think the pendulum is starting to swing the other way, in our favor.

I like how they always talk about the NRA's influence, and how it cost the Dem's several elections. Gee,I always thought that it was votes that won or lost elections and not pressure from lobbyists. A lobbyist can persuade a senator to vote one way or the other, but he can't force citizens to vote a certain way.

04-19-2007, 1:29 PM
Top Democratic strategists agree on few things, but one of them is that taking on gun control as a defining issue is a bad—very bad—idea. They think it cost Al Gore in Florida and elsewhere in 2000, and Sen. John Kerry in Ohio (if for no other reason than it got Kerry to put on his neatly pressed camouflage hunting outfit).
I canvassed top leaders and aides of the Democratic establishment on the Hill and got a uniform response: are you kidding? Here’s how one of them put it, bluntly: "The NRA still has a lock on Congress." A political consultant who works with the NRA seemed almost unable even to understand the question, so comfortable in his fortress did he seem.
And Virginia? No paradigm shifts in the offing, according to Larry Sabato, the well-known political scientist at the University of Virginia. It’s not just the Republicans who would oppose any new restrictions (and there aren’t many in Virginia); many Democrats would join them. "The prospects of new legislation are zero, absolutely zero," he said.

I like, but I'll still buy what I can now.