View Full Version : Visalia Safe 24Dx30Wx72H

04-01-2012, 3:05 PM
Location: South San Jose, CA
Price: $2200.00
Details: Custom rope lighting installed inside the safe for interior lighting. (Can be removed if you'd like)
Serious inquiries only.
Buyer must arrange for the transportation and moving of the safe.

Safe Technical Details:

Outer Steel - 7 gauge (3/16"), high grade steel, ONE PIECE CONSTRUCTION
Inner Liner - 12 gauge steel, 1" ceramic wool blanket (3260 degree UL rated!)
Door Frame - Reinforced with 12 gauge 2" square tubing
Door - 1/4" high grade steel
Hinge - Full length continuous piano-style encased, hardened hinge
Interior - top grade plywood covered in gray carpet
Pins - 1" chrome hardened
Lock - Group II lock UL rated + custom located relockers
Seal - Expandable Fire seal 7X expansion at 250 degrees
Dial combination
Size 24x30x72
Made by Visalia Safes.
Fireboard lined
Outside wall of 7 gauge steel
This safe has doors of 1/4' steel plate outer layer is always 7 gauge steel and inner liners are 12 gauge steel.
Approximately .180 thickness compared to most
competitors 11 gauge material, which is .120 thickness.