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04-01-2012, 9:04 AM
Just doing some spring cleaning.

1. Sig Sauer 40/357 magazine. I am unsure what this is for - don't you love finding stuff in your gun drawer : ). It is a SILVER finish and is marked only with "SIG SAUER .40-.357" & "Made in Germany".
It has a steel body of 4-1/8" length and overall length of 4.5".
It is a Double stack 10 rounder and is new in pouch. It still has the original grease. It is also a silver finish. Can't seem to find these online anymore. May or may not be rare : ).
It looks like this, only in SILVER.
$30.00 SOLD
I assume it is for a Sig 229 but am not positive, if you buy this and it doesn't work for you send it back no problem.

2. Lyman 9mm taper crimp die. Used.

3. Dillon 550 38/357 conversion kit. This one is used but its in great shape.. it doesn't have rust that I can see and is rare for used reloading dies and parts. I have a spare, dunno how that happened : p
$30.00 SOLD

4. Troy rear BUIS. The back up iron sight is in good condition. Shows some scuffs but no dents or heavy scratches. The locking bar looks discoloured for some reason. It is probably similar to how Remington 870- hardware has a different shade of bluing because of differentially hardened materials, does not affect function. Black.
$75.00 SOLD

Paypal GIFT OK. Please add a couple of bucks for shipping...

04-01-2012, 10:16 AM
I'll take the dillon conversion kit...

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