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03-30-2012, 7:23 PM
WTS: Cane & Derby PIC Appendix carry holster, Left Handed, for Smith & Wesson M&P Compact 9/40/357. Magazine release cover portion cut off by me. 1.5" blade-tech loops.
$35 shipped USPS priority mail. Will get to you in days, not in a few seasons. :p

Ordered this holster back in July of 2011 with a expected 6-8 week lead time. Fast forward to last week, 32 weeks after my order was placed, after receiving 2 other holsters from Personal Security Systems in under 2 weeks, this finally shows up in my mailbox.
I decide to give it a try and C&D a chance. Slip my m&p into the holster and *click*, out pops my magazine. Upon close inspection, the 'scoop' that is supposed to cover the magazine release was somehow molded incorrectly, too far back, and engages the magazine release upon holstering. Not just a small misalignment that some heating of the kydex would fix, either.
I decide, screw it, I've waited this long, I'm not gonna gamble with asking c&d to fix it after who knows how much longer, I'll do it myself. So I did, and while it's not the best looking hack job in the world, it works.

The thing conceals fantastic, however I wish it came with a fuller sweat guard, and i've got a CCC Shaggy in production for a Fullsize m&p, that way I can use it with both my fullsize and compact models, so this one goes, for almost 1/3rd the retail price of a new PIC.

Here's a writeup from C&D regarding the PIC:

and pictures of the holster in question:

In this one, you can see the trimmed section doesn't look half bad:
Backside, showing loop system:

closeup of the trimmed section, yup you can tell that's a DIY job:

underside/inside of the trimmed section:

04-06-2012, 2:24 PM