View Full Version : Waxman, Farr sign onto Assault Weapons Ban

04-18-2007, 10:30 AM
Looks like Farr (CA-17) and Waxman (CA-30) signed onto the Assault Weapons Ban HR 1022 on 16 April as co-sponsors of Carolyn McCarthys bill.


Likely as a result of the Virginia Tech shooting.


04-18-2007, 10:58 AM
Here are the websites of those two reps if anyone cares to call or write to give their opinion of their intended actions.


Here is what Farr has to say about communication so if you plan to make contact and You want him to know you can have an effect on his being in office or not you might use the city and zip code listed on his site or its doubtful that he will respond to you.
I would let him know your a registered voter and as what happened after the 1994 AWB you will take part in voting him out of office if he votes for McCarthys new AWB.

Communicating with my constituents is very important to me. I highly value your feedback and I am always interested in hearing what is on your mind. I encourage you to use the form below to relay your thoughts and concerns. With such a large volume of incoming messages, it is my policy to respond only to my constituents in the 17th Congressional District. If you are unsure of your Member of Congress, click here.



Here is a web page that lists all of the Co Sponsors of McCarthys new AWB bill.