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TRP PRO 1911
03-29-2012, 1:24 PM
Paypal +4% or GIFT. or USPS MO ONLY!

Templar Consulting AR Pistol length rail. Includes barrel nut. $50.00 Shipped. SOLD

Never fired Early Noveske KX3 SN#00024 (NO FLAMING PIG) $115.00 shipped SOLD

Custom Lilja 7.5" AR pistol barrel with SS VLTOR gasblock/tube. M4 extended ramps. Used, not available from Lilja - custom made by unknown gunsmith - never fired by me.
No markings, but rifling is signature Lilja 3 wide lands and grooves. threaded 1/2X28, Wylde chamber, 1/7 twist. $175.00 Shipped SOLD to shamu415

03-29-2012, 2:55 PM
Ill take the "Custom Lilja 7.5" AR pistol barrel with SS VLTOR gasblock/tube", pm sent

TRP PRO 1911
04-01-2012, 3:09 AM