View Full Version : Full SCUBA setup- OMS BCD and Tank, Atomic B1 reg and 1st stage. SF Bay Area SOLD

03-27-2012, 1:28 PM
-OMS BCD size M/L with steel backplate, steel backplate acts as a ballast so not as much weight is needed, also prevents buoyancy issues with aluminum tanks as they near empty.. Is setup is for integrated weights, has two quick release side pockets for emergency weight dropping. Two normal side pockets for gear. Has many D-rings and velco closures for technical style diving. Has 2 tank straps for secure hold. Large air bladder with rubber straps to prevent over-inflation and to keep the bladder low-profile.

-Atomic B1 Regulator and 1st stage. 1st Stage is chrome plated brass, 2nd stage regulator has titanium internal components for corrosion free operation and long life. Has Sherwood air pressure and depth gauge attached. Hose for Scubapro Air 2 also is attached. Adjustable air flow for depth. Super smooth air flow requires little effort to breathe.

-OMS 85 cubic feet steel tank with rubber boot and gray paint. Tank has expired hydro certification but has positive air pressure to prevent any rust. Has Sherwood Scuba 500 valve.

-Scubapro air 2 connected to the BCD vest serves as the inflate/deflate controls for the BCD and serves as the backup regulator. Allows for a lower-profile setup without the extra regulator coming off the 1st stage.

All gear was used on about 30 dives total. PM me or give me a call if you are interested I can answer any questions. My name is Robert and my number is 949-350-3218