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03-26-2012, 7:18 AM
Any Calgunner’s out there want a interesting classic car project? If you got some spare time and space, she’s for you!!

I’m reluctantly giving up on my “some day” project car to make room in my garage keep my wife happy.
I got it from the original owner and drove it for several years while gathering missing parts and rest of the parts to build it up, “then got married”…., parked it in the garage, covered it up and never got around to it for last 15 years (you know how the priority changes with the marriage and kids).

She’s a 1965 Dodge A-100 Custom Sportsman van.
Original 225ci slant 6 motor, 3 speed auto with a vintage Clifford 6+2 header.
It’s got full pop-out windows, a rear bench seat and a factory slide-out side step.
Includes complete OEM trims, caps, badges, logos, interior trims and tons of spare parts.
Comes with an additional rebuilt motor, parts and transmission. Plus two original factory shop manuals.
Also new in box, Clifford HP cam, lifters, 4 barrel aluminum intake manifold and Holly carb. (4150/390cfm).:devil2:
In addition to the cost of the van, I’ve invested about 3k in parts, trims, upgrades/performance parts and another 1k in body and paint so close to 5k so far plus countless hours tracking down parts in the bone yards.
This would be a unique and fun ride when all put together.

Now the bad news, she’s been sitting in my garage for 15 years, so the motor and tranny needs going over, needs new battery, brake job, fix rust on the roof, tires were new but probably needs new tires (but holds air) and 20+ year old paint could use a fresh coat.

Title is clear and it’s an original California car with black plates.
Located in Mission Viejo (south o.c.)

I really want this to go to a guy who’s going to finish the project so it’s more of a “adoption” rather than a blind sale (since I don’t want it parted or scrapped).
If you’re motivated and like tinkering on cars, $750 and she’s yours.

(all of the missing trims are included)

I checked with AAA and it's no longer on the record so no issues with the back fees, so you'll need to have the VIN verified and new registration issued.

Also found bunch more parts in the storage so those will be included.
I don't visit here often enough so please contact me via email.thanks

04-08-2012, 2:54 PM
Thanks guys, she's found a new home.
I'll PM back to those who's interested if the deal falls through.

04-10-2012, 8:38 PM
Let me know if the sale falls thru...