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04-16-2007, 8:24 PM
Story on how I got the dog and some pictures can be found here:

I recently rescued this dog from the side of a busy road and brought it home feeling bad for it. What can I say I'm a dog guy no matter how ugly they are. I brought it home, took it to the vet, got its shots and had it groomed. I believe it's a mini schnauzer under the big terrier head haircut. My wife and I figured that her grandmother might want her because her dog passed away several months back. Grandma doesn't want her. I'd keep her, but I rent my house and the landlord doesnt allow dogs (don't tell ok? :D). She's very nice, and house trained. Only barks at the neighborhood kids through the windows when their punk asses are playing in my front yard. She's kid friendly too. My 6 year old and this dog are inseperable (until you come pick her up:( ). She doesn't pay too much attention to our 11 month old which is nice too. She sleeps at the foot of the bed and is happy to clean the floor for you when you're sloppily eating dinner. There's not a mean bone in her body. She's the perfect beer drinking late night tv companion. I'm gonna miss her when she's gone. I've got a couple hundred into the vet and grooming bills, but she's yours free as long as she's going to a good family. I'm in San Jose but will be willing to travel alittle if you're serious. PM or email me at Beltfed@sbcglobal.net

ETA:Vet thinks she's inbetween 3-5 years old.