View Full Version : clean up Panoche Hills (Couldnt do it all myelf)

03-24-2012, 2:11 PM
Hi everyone myself and a few friends went to Panoche Hills yesterday (about a 4 hour long drive each way) We found a really nice area but it had tons of junk that other shooters left there like a giant table, tvs, targets, brass, ect. We were able to shoot our hand guns a little bit and clean up a lot of the other peoples mess. We packed out a bunch trash bags full of junk people left there but after loading all of the trash in our cars we didn't have enough room for the table. The problem is we were loading up all of the trash and I think I may have forgotten 2 of my gun cases there.

Is anyone willing to pick up a table and other trash to throw away and maybe take a look for my two gun cases I forgot (reimbursed for return)?

If anyone wants to help keep the area clean and maybe do some shooting while you are there I will send you a map to the location. PM me, thanks.