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03-22-2012, 5:46 PM
I read that the M44 was supposedly sighted in and staked with the bayonet extended and that it was always extended unless the soldier was traveling in a truck, train or boat. They don't allow bayonets at the local range, so I was sighting in with the bayo folded. I had a good group at 50 yds (about 3") but it was 6" low and 9" left of POA using yugo surplus. I did not bring POI to POA windage wise until I drifted the front sight a solid 1/8" to the left of center. It really overhangs a very noticeable amount. It looks like the plank projecting off a ship before some hapless soul meets his maker. It seems inconceivable that that is where it has to be to bring it on target at 50 yds. I didn't have time but I suspect that that setting would not work at 100 yds. My guess is that at 100 yds I may be able to bring the front sight closer to center but that is just a hunch. My question is: Is there anything I can do to have reasonable POA/POI congruency at 100 yds and still leave the bayonet mounted and folded? And not have the front sight look like it's about to fall off? Thanks.

Josh Smith
03-22-2012, 9:06 PM

Have you tried shooting with the bayonet extended at all? Chances are it won't matter.

Check for pressure points in the stock... and make sure the bayonet, when folded, does not touch the stock. The folded bayonet will pull the barrel off center.

Check your sight pin. Is it centered on the sight? Many are not.

If all else fails, you can always get a 91/30 sight. It will fit but will have a more narrow base. Drifted, it will not be as conspicuous.

Pictures would help, posted here, or you can send them to wabatuckian@gmail.com .


Josh Smith
Smith-Sights.com (just so you know I deal with these things every day!)

03-23-2012, 7:09 AM
Thanks Josh. I don't know how to post photos here but can email you photos and hope to later on today. I do not think there are pressure points on the barrel. I was careful to clean old cosmoline and dirt out when I rehabd the stock. The front pin is "close" to being centered. I won't make a final judgement until I sight in (with bayonet folded) at 100 yds but it sure looks weird at 50 yds. Next chance I get, I'll take it apart and make sure there's no pressure points. Thanks for your help.