View Full Version : Forms required to get a C&R license

03-20-2012, 6:20 AM
Howdy folks, looking to get my C&R, I am a legal alien (full 10 year green card holder, not the 2 year provisional) now I know I have to file ATF paperwork 5310 but am I also correct in thinking I also need to send with that ATF paperwork 5330 as well?

none of the threads i've seen here in C&R mention the 5330 but I just want to get confirmation that I need to send both in to get my C&R.

03-20-2012, 7:53 AM
Yes, file the 5330. You are a resident alien so it's not a problem; but you should file the 5330. It's supposed to be filed by all applicants -- but in the case of a US ciitzen, they can write "US Citizen" in Item 10 of the 5310 and they will accept it.

Both forms are available online at:

Edit -- actually I think The 2005 revision of the form incorporates the 5330 as item 10 -- but, I would still file one anyway.