View Full Version : Wild Game Feed in San Jose

03-19-2012, 11:30 AM
Good afternoon just wanted to put out this flyer for an event put on my lions community service club. For those that don't know lions clubs are community service clubs that raise money and then give the money to those in need. This event is put on once every year I have yet to go and not have fun, and the food is always great. The details are on the page but the basics are 5pm on Thursday June 14, $50 gets you dinner or $80 gets you dinner $40 in raffle tickets and all the beer you can drink.


Thanks for taking the time to look at this event please spread the word all the money will go to good causes. If this is the wrong place for this please feel free to move or delete as you see fit. For anyone wanting more information on the lions club here is a link.