View Full Version : $30 for a GoMotion Sternum Light Kit 100

03-19-2012, 9:08 AM
$30 for a GoMotion Sternum Light Kit 100

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Deal Overview
If you are camping, hiking, biking, hunting or running and need a hands free light to guide the way then this deal deal is perfect for you. Get the STERNUM LIGHT KIT 100 for only $30 to get you back on track!!

Featuring New 100 Lumen output and designed for hikers and endurance runners who want to use their existing packs when hiking or running in low-light conditions. The Sternum Light Kit 100 features a high-output CREE LED light unit hard-wired to a separate battery box with quick-mounting velcro straps that fit easily to any shoulder strap at chest level. Provides a powerful light source for optimum low-light trail use.

- Designed to mount on the shoulder straps of any pack
- 3-Level Beam Intensity
- Flood to Spotlight Beam Control
- Adjustable Beam Angle
- Two Flashing Rear LED Tail-lights
- 3 AA Energizer batteries Included
- Low Battery Signal
- Orange & Grey Finish