View Full Version : Data Book for Federal 168 & 175 gr Match

03-18-2012, 8:04 PM
Anybody have the page template files to make a book? For .308 gold medal match 168 and 176 gr.

03-18-2012, 8:09 PM
Actually also range card templates and know ballistic info. Trying to make a nice range notebook. Thanks in advance.

Knife Edge
03-18-2012, 8:13 PM
If you have an iPhone, the Ammo Tracker app is pretty nice. You can make sessions for each load and add photos, notes, etc. Very intuitive.

03-18-2012, 8:43 PM
Thanks I'll take a look.

03-19-2012, 9:12 PM

03-19-2012, 10:06 PM
Any premade card is not going to be accurate for your rifle/ammo/conditions. It changes with the weather. Best bet is to punch in your numbers (bullet weight, BC, Velocity, density altitude, etc.) into a ballistic program and print out several of them for varying conditions. Then test them to see if they are accurate and make corrections as required. A good free one is here: http://www.jbmballistics.com/ballistics/calculators/calculators.shtml