View Full Version : FS: slings, brass, bipod, ect

Palma Shooter
03-17-2012, 12:22 PM
I am cleaning out the "man cave" and these are some items that have not used in a while. I'm looking to give them a good home. If interested contact me at trevorhengehold@hotmail.com . All prices include shipping. More pics available upon request. Items will be shipped from the east coast, USA.

1. RCBS Model 505 balance beam scale - $40 OBO. Price includes shipping. The legendary standard in mechanical scales. The 5-0-5 features a magnetic dampening system plus large black-on-white graduations for fast recognition. Its three-poise beam is graduated in ten, one and 0.1 grain increments. A tip-proof aluminum pan keeps powder from sticking or spilling. Hardened knives ride on agate bearings for long life and sensitivity. There's even ounce-to-grain conversion on the base for shotshell reloaders. Capacity: 511 grains.

2. .308 Win. RCBS Full Length Die Set (Sizing die & Seating die) and Crimping Die - $25 OBO. Price includes shipping.

3. **PENDING FUNDS** Champion Deluxe Leather Rifle Sling - $30 OBO. Price includes shipping. The Champion Deluxe Rifle Sling is a 1.25 inch high quality leather sling made for both the competitive international and NRA rifle shooter. The arm loop has the bias cut, non slip grey rubber and uses the Freeland Sling Keeper. Available for right and left hand shooter.

4. **PENDING FUNDS** Match Rifle Sling (leather) w/ 3inch cuff - $30 OBO. Price includes shipping.

5. **PENDING FUNDS** NEW .308 Nosler Custom Brass 50pcs in sealed box. - $30. Price includes shipping. Made in the USA, Nosler Custom brass is weight-sorted for maximum accuracy and consistency potential and is packaged in quantities of 50.

6. Bipod for AK47. - $25 OBO. Price includes shipping. Bipod mounts by clamping on barrel.