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03-16-2012, 8:54 PM
My next rifle project will be a 545 ar. I already have 2you ak's one in 7.62 and one in. 308.

So I was thinking

Any lower ( don't care brand)
Psa lpk with wolf hammer spring
ace skeleton stock
Adams arms piston upper

Anybody know were to get 10one round mags? Or will my. 223 ones work.

Thanks guys for your opinions.

03-16-2012, 10:00 PM
Your standard AR mags should work as long as they're downloaded a few rounds. Just my opinion, the extra $ on the piston upper isn't worth it.

03-16-2012, 10:07 PM
Why isn't the extra money on the piston upper worth it? I have always heard they are easier to clean. Especially with the corrosive 5.45 ammo. My 5.56 a2 gets super dirty and is a pita to clean. I couldn't imagine worring about it with corrosive ammo

03-16-2012, 10:19 PM
The piston system has a positive and negative features. The piston system does exchange simplicity of function for reliability of function. The AR-15 Piston systems are not universal and proprietary so if parts do wear your only option is that manufacture for spare parts. Also a DI would not preform ideally since i have read of light primer strikings because of the russian military primers which are hard as a rock and there is no proprietary AR-15 5.45x39.5 magazine manufacture. then theres corrosion which will threaten the Ar-15's a;ready weak bolt.

In my opinion go for it the 5.45x39.5 AR concept is relatively new and there is not much support if you want a great 5.45x39.5 AR that is Piston go AA, If you want a Great DI version buy Spikes NiB BCG in 5.45 and there corrosion resistant barrel pricey but it is corrosion resistant.

03-17-2012, 4:07 AM
I built one with the Spikes Tactical upper. The Nickle Boron bolt group handles the ammo just fine. All you need to do is clean it when you are done. The hammer spring in a must, unless you enjoy bending springs until they work. Standard lower with carbine collapsible stock and a basic LPK. Nothing fancy except the Knights Armament BUIS.

I've had no problems with modern no tilt follower mags. PMAGs with a 10 round block works fine, even loaded with 10 rounds. Standard metal 10 round mags, again no problems. I will say this, don't try loading a full standard 10 round mag with one already chambered. It's way too tight. PMAGs, no problems.

Hope this helps