View Full Version : Spikes stripped lowers

03-15-2012, 1:13 PM
Was wondering if you know when you may be getting more spikes zombie lowers in.

03-17-2012, 2:14 PM
i would like to know as well...:D

03-17-2012, 3:08 PM
Generally speaking, there just aren't enough guns to go around. That said, we don't know when we'll be getting ANY Spikes lowers in much less the Zombies. BUT we definitely have them on order. Sign up on the product page to be notified when they are back in stock. Or better yet pre-order your Zombie on the website to get your name on the list.

03-19-2012, 11:45 AM
If I pre-order on website, will the credit card be charged immediately or until the lower actually ships to your store?

03-19-2012, 2:51 PM
The Credit Card will be authorized, but not charged until you come in to do the paperwork.