View Full Version : FS: M14/M1A gas cylinder units, GLock + extended mag base

03-15-2012, 2:20 AM

I have TWO M14/M1A gas cylinders for sale.

I have no idea who made them, only that they are US made parts and not the cheap chinese copies (Springfield gas piston fits right and works in these, which means they're not the sloppy chinese spec). One is the early pattern, one the late pattern with lug underneath. Each comes with the stock retaining band. I'm guessing these are either USGI or Springfield Armory production (did Springfield ever make the early type?!).

$49 EACH.


I also have a Glock extended base plate in Auminum, anodized black. $10 + shipping. (for use with legal hi-caps only- I think it adds 2 rounds)


Locla pickups in Los Angeles or buyer pays shipping.