View Full Version : Open carry on BLM Land??

04-11-2007, 6:29 PM
Does anyone know if you can open carry on BLM land? I know you can on US Forest Service land, but not sure about BLM. I called the Barstow office, and they transfered me to the Law Enforcement office and I left a message a few days ago, but no one returned my call. I will camping near Afton Canyon and hiking with some friend and our dogs and would like to take some snake shot with me.

04-11-2007, 6:45 PM
First if you can legally discharge the firearm there, then it is perfectly fine.

Second, Jack Rabbits are in season so take your hunting license. Then don't worry about it, since you are also covered for concealed if your jacket partially covered your gun on the hike. Also you have a fall back if anyone hassles you, as it is a crime to interfere with hunters engaged in lawful hunting activities in this state:D