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03-12-2012, 8:33 PM
Hey guys,
I'm in need of a little advice on the legality of a new business venture that a buddy and I are planning to start in the late spring. Between my friend and I, we own a good asortment of personally owned weapons. Our business idea is to provide a concierge style gun rental service. We have a third possible partner who is in law enforcement and is certified to give gun safety courses also. We would expect to provide a brief gun safety course for beginners or more intense training as requested. Our personal collection consists of weapons ranging from .22's, revolvers of several calibers, several 9mm, several .45 acp, AR-15, AK-47, REPR, .50 Desert Eagle, 50 DTC and some others. All these weapons are currently legal in CA. Some, like the AR-15 and an AB-10 were purchased and registered with DOJ as assult weapons prior to the ban and the others have bullet buttons. I have seen services like these in other states like Nevada but none in CA. We reside in the Fontana area of San Bernardino County and if the interested party is willing to pay the right fee, we are willing to travel pretty much anywhere in So Cal. Does anyone know of any special permits that I need to obtain or specific laws that we might be breaking? How about any public or private gun ranges that would be open to working with us? I appreciate any advice or comments.

03-12-2012, 8:59 PM
here is advice

takes $250 or so and go buy a lawyers hour.... nothing you read in here is going to give you the legal backing to mean a hill of beans. Sure it may give you ideas and its free..If you consider your time in here worthless: )

in my opinion in this state insurance costs and liability mean not a good idea at all too much $$$$$$$$$$$

Good luck as we do need to expose more folks to what the 2nd Amen means