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03-11-2012, 4:16 PM
Hello guys and gals

I'm BAAaaack!

How can that be? :confused:

Born, raised, and lived in CA for 30+ yrs mainly in the OC area. I moved to AZ for the better part of a decade and now I'm coming back and will more than likely end up in the Corona area. Not sure if it will be SB county or Riverside county.. the border runs right through the area I'm looking at; literally one side of the street is SBC and other side is RC.

I already sold my 12 round MP9c mags and bought some 10 rounders :( before the move comes. CA wont have any issues with the rifles I have.

I'll have to give up the CC at least for a while but I'll probably end up try to get it down the road. I know its very difficult but I think SBC is a little easier and I have some good personal references.... one being an LASD Deputy that Ive known for close to 20 yrs.

It looks like I'll be able to keep my AZ CWP (I got the permit before the Constitutinal Carry law was passed) and NV recognizes the AZ permit. I'll get th NV permit after I get settled in; I dont go there very often anyways and probably even less now for a while.

At least I'll be able to bring back a pistol or two that arent on the stupid roster. :)

Here's the good news for all of you.... you are going to have one more PRO 2A person joining the CA voting pool. :hurray:

Ive been lurking here for a while as I still have a lot of family in SoCal.....long enough to know about the flame wars in regards to the OC protests more up north. :eek:

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Welcome aboard.

03-11-2012, 5:02 PM
Thanks everyone! I appreciate it.

Please be patient with me. I'm still getting use to the layout of the forum and sometimes I just cant seem to search and find what I'm looking for.

Its going to be a culture shock for a while.

The DMV never has a line more than 2-3 people, our drivers license is automatically good until age 65.. and where I live (Lake Havasu) we dont even smog check because the air is clean here. The Der Wienerschnitzel even serves beer here!

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welcome to the forum.

SoCal Bob
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Welcome to Calguns.

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Welcome (back) to Calguns! :D

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Welcome!! :flowers:

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Welcome to Calguns! :)

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Welcome back!

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Great intro....Have a great time...

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Wiener-beer that's awesome!!! N welcome back!!

Bert Gamble
03-12-2012, 12:04 AM
Welcome back

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Welcome (back) aboard!

03-12-2012, 6:01 PM
I just wanted to say thanks again to everyone.

Good news! My wife just got a job today very close to where we're headed back to. Its not the best.... shes a very capable woman.... its barely decent but comes with health insurance too. It'll make the move that much easier.

To those that may be un-employed or know someone .... I know its tough out there but dont give up the fight. Stay positive. I have a couple friends that have been un-employed in Orange County for a while now. The ecomony stinks. My wife sent out literally around 75 resumes and only got one call back that wanted an interview and she got it. Other than that one interview, she only got about 10 BS calls from people on Monster that wern't even related to what she applied for. You know... those 'earn $100k from home in your PJ's' type shlocky places.

We were lucky. But "luck" is when preperation meets opportunity (paraphrasing vince lambardi). Try try try.... and opportunity will come.

I'll be quiting my job in the next few weeks (it stinks anyways) and be busy getting ready to sell and move. Hopefully I can move before it gets to 120 degrees here (I'll be doing everything myself) and we wont be separated too much/long. At least we'll have weekends and we'll be back home in California soon enough.

Thanks again eveyone.

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Welcome aboard.

Bill Carson
03-12-2012, 10:50 PM
Welcome to Calguns