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04-10-2007, 6:28 PM
Hey guys.

I have a couple AK, FAL, 20rd AR and other magazine rebuild kits available.

Each of them varies in condition and pricing, however the contents are all the same.

I offer bodies, springs, followers and base plates HOWEVER you cannot purchase all of them in one order and you can only purchase them for REBUILD PURPOUSES.

My policy is to get a copy of your drivers license and a signed form stating you intend to use them ONLY for repair of existing, legally owned pre-ban standard capacity magazines.

I am sorry if this bothers some people, but I only do things 100% legal when it comes to magazine rebuild kits and I want to insure that that anyone who purchases parts uses them legally as well. If I feel someone is not being 100% honest or is attempting to use my legal rebuild parts to assemble an illegal post ban hi capacity magazine I will not hesitate to inform law enforcement. I have ZERO TOLERANCE on this issue. The parts are available for LEGAL USE ONLY... PERIOD.

With that said, If you need something specific please send me a PM.

Currently I know I have

(3) FAL 20rd metric rebuild kits
(2) AK 30rd 762x39 kits
(1) STEN 32rd 9x19 kit
(3) "COLT" AR-15 20rd kits.

Pricing will vary depending on each kits condition. For serious inquiries I will provide a picture and an exact price for each item in question. This is the fairest and easiest way to manage pricing/sales.

I can get additional parts. If you need something please send a PM.

Thank you!


04-11-2007, 1:30 PM
Wish you had more AK rebuild kits. I'm a sucker for consistency and have 5 that could have used some rebuilding.