View Full Version : more left over ak parts(sling, mag pouch etc)

03-09-2012, 7:00 PM
i have a like new ROMANIAN leather sling dated sept 22, 1972 with a proof stamp. in really good condition and i will clean up even more with a good quality leather cleaner before i ship it out unless asked not to. $15+shipping(3-4$)

RPK 40RD mag pouch, romanian. green canvas in good condition, leather is in great condition. has the pocket for the oil bottle. $10+shipping

romanian WASR 10 handguards, refinished in amber shellac. upper has a crack. perfect to glue on a sheet of cheap birch ontop to make a laminate upper hand guard $10+shipping

polish upper HG, covered in old cosmo, has some dings. $5+shipping

polish handguard retainer, Brand new. never been mounted $8+shipping

OD GREEN DOUBLE PISTOL MAG/UTILITY pouches. velcro backing, holds 2 pistol mags, flashlights, knifes etc. brand new. $7+shipping.

2-2 way radios, UHF frequency, pre programmed channels, emergency weather ch, come with 2 rechargeable batteries but accept normal AA's. $45+shipping

all prices are OBO and the more you order the cheaper i can go.

i accept PP+4% or "gift", money order and cash.

03-09-2012, 10:02 PM
romanian mag pouch, sling, and hg's are SPF as is the polish handguard retainer.