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Turner's Outdoorsman
03-09-2012, 12:39 PM
Folks, as a lot of you know we are a few weeks into the transition into our new software system. When the company was purchased in 2009, the new owners set about getting things at Turner's back on track. While a lot a progress has been made on many fronts, there is still a lot of work to be done and getting rid of the old POS/Inventory system is one those outstanding projects.

We now have 6 stores on the new system, with 4 more going up next week and the last 4 will be online the week after that. Given the very poor state of the old system, we are experiencing transition issues that occur with any such large scale change. Additionally, there are issues that we have communicated to our software vendor that are magnified by our current sales volume and the overall size of our enterprise relative to other clients they have installed.

Those issues are disruptive throughout the chain and are creating a ripple of effects such as slowing down the gun release process (seems to be worse for orders created prior to migration) and causing havoc with our gun allocation process (resulting in guns not arriving prior to potential pick-up dates).

Further, we are getting great feedback from customers during this time of transition with suggestions about improving customer flow in every aspect of our operations- answering telephones, picking up guns, doing PPT's, using the customer numbering system, etc. We appreciate this feedback and we will consider any and all options once we have the most significant issues addressed.

And lastly, we will continue to work on improvement and consistency with the most important system in our stores- our people.

We have enjoyed the feedback we recieve from the folks here on Calguns from the start and we'll continue to use this community as the great resource it has become.