View Full Version : question about olympic arms 22\17 upper

04-09-2007, 6:08 PM
if i bought this kit and it must have a high cap mag to install the 10 round in to , and i have a pre- banned 30 rd to do it with ,what is legal or illigal?is it now an assult riffle because it has a pistle grip and a high cap mag or can i just pin it in?

M. Sage
04-09-2007, 6:16 PM
Required reading:


Since the 22/17 is a rimfire upper, you shouldn't have to worry about SB23, however unless you had magazines for this that hold more than ten rounds before the ban, you're hosed.

Never, EVER pin a mag that has a capacity of over ten rounds.

04-09-2007, 6:20 PM
thank you.