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04-09-2007, 3:47 PM
Hello, I am stationed here in CA. I am a resident of AZ. I am wanting to buy a firearm from someone in CA, but have it FFL'd to AZ (as I will be going home at the end of the week). My question(s):

1) Do we (seller and myself) have to go through the whole CA PPT paperwork, ect?

2) Can the firearm just be FFL'd to AZ and the NCIS/paperwork be done there?

3) Does the FFL transfer have to wait the 10 days prior to sending?

Anyone have any experience with this?

Thanks for the help!

04-09-2007, 4:32 PM
The current owner can ship it to your FFL in AZ directly. You can pick it up when you go home. Just make sure that your AZ FFL knows about it and says that it's OK. Whenever I sell a gun out of state I ask for a copy of the receiving FFL's license before I ship it out so that I can check it for validity.

M. Sage
04-09-2007, 5:42 PM
Transfers across state lines have to go through an FFL in the buyer's state.

All other rules are per the buyer's state laws. So...

1: No

2: Yes

3: No

04-09-2007, 6:00 PM
Perfect! Sounds like I will be able to use it for IDPA next week!