View Full Version : AR Advise Christensen/Spikes/Backrain/SunDevil

03-05-2012, 7:57 PM
Hey guys I have been throwing an idea around for a few months and am looking for feedback or suggestions from you all...

I love the look of Christensen Arms CA-15 but, spending 3k+ on an AR IMO is a little goofy when I can build one for much less.

Anyone know or heard about the actual quality on the Christensen AR?
Honesly, I am sure the performance is pretty good with this thing... I do have to admit, I love the look of the CA-15 and would want to replicate it as much as possible.

I guess what I am asking is would you buy the CA-15 or buy a Black Rain or Sun Devil receiver which come in a nicole finish (or any other... Im open to suggestions), add a magpul but stock, and a carbon fiber forend?

Additionally, does anyone know of a company offering Carbon Fiber wrapped barrels for AR's? I have not seen any lately.

Really any advise/feedback here would be great! The fact that I have dealer prices on almost all parts etc... it would prob be a hell of a lot cheaper to build myself... thoughts?

Thanks Fellas!