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03-03-2012, 6:43 PM
Greetings all, new rookie here to the forum.
I'm a San Diego native and I can remember shooting with my uncle back the the "good ol' days" when we just drove off a dirt road right off the 15 or head into Jamul and plinked away. I'll never forget the time my cousin convinced my uncle that he could handle the recoil of his .357 and subsequently "reverse tumbleweeded" after he pulled the trigger!

Anyhow, now I've got boys of my own and I'd like to take them shooting. Problem is, it seems that there is simply nowhere easy to go outside of a range. I've looked at the BLM patchwork quilt maze of a pdf map and read many, many post from others before joining the calguns community.

I'm really looking for two types of locations:
1. A place not to far from San Diego (I grew up in East County). Someplace for me to take my sons for a couple of hours after school and be back before dinner.
2. Desert. I'd truly love to find a place where we could shoot and camp. It would be great if there's anyplace we could stay right there for a night, but I'm also up for a location where we could shoot, pack up and drive a little ways to camp, then head back and shoot in the morning.

I do realize that for many of you, the few remaining places you've discovered are in constant danger of being "discovered" by disrespectful yahoos and are therefor, clearly and obviously, sacred locations. A little about me: I'm a dad, a teacher, a long distance backpacker (Mexico to Oregon on the Pacific Crest Trail!) and a patriot. Many long, long miles on the trails have honed my "leave no trace" skills.

Sorry to ramble on, I sincerely appreciate all the posts I've read from many of you while I was lurking on the board before registering and posting. I appreciate your openness and willingness to share your experience, opinions and advice. They've equipped me with a whole lot more knowledge than when I started.

Hopefully you all won't mind if I double post this in some of the different calguns forums.

Thanks again,

03-03-2012, 7:33 PM
Welcome aboard.

Good luck on the camping spot. Yahoos and people sneaking into the country Americans wouldn't sneak into always make things a little iffy in the back country.

You sound like a good dad.

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Welcome aboard ! Spots are pretty protected, maybe someone will PM you.

SoCal Bob
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Welcome to Calguns.

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Thanks for the introduction and welcome to Calguns! Be sure to check out the outdoors section (http://www.calguns.net/calgunforum/forumdisplay.php?f=76). :)

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Welcome aboard~!

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Welcome aboard.

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welcome to the forum.

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Welcome. I know of some camping/shooting spots out in Ocotillo. PM me if you want to know more.

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Welcome aboard!

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Yo... Welcome. Don't forget in San Diego County we also have South Bay Rod and Gun.


Where you can take the boys outside and plink away without worring about Yahoo's thinking your a squirrel or a wayward migratory humanoid.

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welcome !!

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Welcome to Calguns! :)

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Thanks for heads up with the Southbay Gun & Rod Club. Unfortunately both of my boys are under 11 and their website homepage seems to indicate I couldn't bring at least my 10 year old.

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Thanks for the introduction and welcome to Calguns! Be sure to check out the outdoors section (http://www.calguns.net/calgunforum/forumdisplay.php?f=76). :)

Thanks! By the way, my son loves your avatar Ubermcoupe!

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Welcome and watch out for the Zombies ahead !!!

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Welcome to the board

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Welcome aboard!