View Full Version : How to upgrade M951XM07 to LED bulb

03-03-2012, 10:44 AM
I upgraded my M951XM07 with a brighter LED bulb that I got from dealxtreme and thought I'd post my experience since I couldn't find any recent good answers.

I bought the M951XM07 new on eBay for $150 shipped. It runs on the P60 incandescent bulb which is 65 lumens for 120 minutes. It's bright, but not that bright and 120 minutes was just too short running expensive CR123 batteries in my eyes. So I went looking for a LED alternative and scoured the Internet. I couldn't find much detailed information.

Finally settled on a Cree style LED bulb from dealxtreme for $8 each shipped. It is a Cree Q5 rated at 220 lumens. I had no idea it would fit, but at $8, it was worth a try. The bulb doesn't fit exactly, not as well as the P60, and you have to take off the larger spring off the bulb. But you can get it in, it will light up, and it looks like it will stay waterproof. There is about a 1-2mm gap when you tighten down the head of the light. When you do so, it also wedges the bulb into the light body. So you will have to use a punch or screwdriver to pop the bulb back out. It's not difficult though, just put the punch into the tightening slots on the flashlight body and pry the bulb back out. Luckily the bulb is made of metal, so it can take some punishment. But it is LED, so it should last "forever" so I don't anticipate removing it anytime soon.

I can visibly see the light is brighter and the light is white vs. yellow. It also floods too so you can see your surroundings. I shook it around and there seems to be no interruption of the beam, so I think it should absorb the recoil. I read that removing the big spring would affect recoil absorption. I have not done any runtime tests either, but being a LED, I assume it will draw less power. Overall I like it.

Here are some thoughts as to why I went this route. When I first started looking for a weapon light, I wanted LED for sure. It's just newer tech, usually higher lumens at lower battery drainage. I credit Watchmaker for making me think this way. I have one his rechargeable lights, btw, and it is very good. Anyways I know I wanted Surefire too since they make the best. I started looking at the Scout M600C because it was LED, light in weight, and seemed the best since the M620V was too high in cost. But I weighed the pros and cons of only having the tape switch or only having the push tail cap. I wanted a tape switch. But after more research, I found it didn't make sense to just have one or the other, so my focus went to the Millenium lights that have both push button tail and tape switch attachment. So my focus turned to the Millenium lights, but again, only the M620V was LED, and its cost was too much. So again crediting Watchmaker, I said why don't I just slap a LED bulb into a M951XM07? And there you have it.