View Full Version : ? on non ffl sending rifle to me for transfer

02-29-2012, 5:52 PM
Got an out of state transfer coming from an individual (rifle) sending a copy of his DL.Does DOJ need anything as far as paperwork other than the dros of the new owner? I know the law on handguns but want to double check on longguns. Should I make him send from an FFL?

03-01-2012, 9:52 AM
There is no difference for a private party to ship a long gun or a handgun to a FFL, which is nothing special. No CFLC letter or anything. Do you think that there is some requirement for handguns???

A copy of the ID is not required, but a good idea. Getting it in advance is a better idea to ensure that you actually getting.

A letter stating that it is a private sale, an occasional sale and not coming from a business is nice to document it and in case it would be useful in the future against the BOE, but currently the BOE states that sales tax has to be collected, even from private parties, if it crosses state lines.

You can require him to ship from a FFL, but there is nothing to require it and honestly is not the right thing to do since it ends up costing people more money, but it is your choice.