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04-05-2007, 11:07 PM


Spring 2007 - For those who are as passionate about their second amendment rights, environment, and preservation of multi-use public land as I am, this volunteer opportunity is FOR YOU!

How many open, public ranges are there left in San Diego County? NOT MANY - and after a long day of talking to indoor range owners, shop owners and their clients, I dont know if there is a single one left aside from the Carrizo Creek Range out in Jacumba. WHY are we loosing land to shoot on at such a rapid pace? BECAUSE out of every 100 of us sportsman, there are the 10% who just dont care - or dont understand the consequences to their actions. They dont understand that littering and other irresponsible behavior ruins things for everyone. What can we do to curb this behavior and protect those who are RESPONSIBLE gun owners?

We can come together and be PROACTIVE to preserve this last piece of open land in San Diego!

How you can help:

- Equipment such as tractors (we need 2 "bobcats" still) your DONATIONS or SPONSORSHIPS will help us rent these items - unless you have one sitting in your yard you would like to operate for this project : )

- Sponsorship - Many opportunities for businesses, organizations or individuals that can BENEFIT YOU & US in many ways! Check our our website for more details!

- Labor - 200+ people are needed for the 2 day clean up which will go down in the Spring WE NEED CONFIRMED BODIES!!! please sign up on our website!!!

- Exposure - Pass the word!!! AND ASK YOUR RANGE OR SHOP what THEY are doing to help this cause!